Anita’s Story … The JoyShop Story


In 1975, I placed a little baby girl up for adoption. For twenty-one years I did not know where she was, but I longed to seek for her with the hope of finding her some day.

As she approached her 18th birthday, I began to place letters in a file at the adoption agency in hopes that she would ask for the file, read my letters, and desire a relationship with me when she became of legal age. The purposes of my letters were to let her know that I loved her and that I was open to a relationship. I could only pray that curiosity would draw her to the file and that it would lead to a wonderful friendship.

So I waited.

When she reached the age of 21, I could no longer take the pain of not knowing her, and so I called the agency and asked if they could find my daughter and let her know about the file. To my joy they found her, and she decided to reach for the file. After reading my letters, she was open to a relationship. Even though we were both unsure of where this new relationship would take us, we began the process of getting to know each other through writing letters. Several months later we were ready to meet face to face for the first time. What a wonderful moment in our lives! Years later we are enjoying the benefits of that reunion.

My story of loss, pain, and God’s redemption, gave birth to joy in serving others through JoyShop Ministries.

Our mission:

–to encourage you to open God’s file, his Word, the Holy Bible

–to equip you with simple tools to encounter Jesus Christ in a new and refreshing way

–to enable you to experience the JOY that comes from abiding in Christ


 JoyShop Ministries believes:

· In the Bible – the inspired, authoritative, and inerrant Word of God.

· In one God – existing in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

· In the deity of Christ – His birth, His life, His resurrection, and His future coming.

· In salvation – by grace through personal faith in Jesus Christ.

· In the present ministry of the Holy Spirit – who indwells and empowers Christians to live a godly life.

· In a future resurrection – the judgment of the just and unjust.

· In the church universal – the body of Christ consisting of all believers everywhere, unified in faith and reconciled to one another and to Christ.