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SOAR 2014 Women’s Conference

We are so excited at the opportunity Anita has this year to be one of the 10 break out session speakers at the SOAR 2014 Women’s Conference. She will be speaking on “The Joy of Seeking God First in all you do.” One of the best parts about the conference? It happens to be in Lancaster, PA this year. Yay! Be sure to check out all the details on their website: We hope to see you there!


Twenty One Years : A True Story

21yearsSome of you may have heard that there is a film project in the making based on
Anita’s book. Shane and Kelle Ortiz of Soteria Productions are passionately pursing
this project and are currently working on securing investment partners to make
the film a reality. They have a strong support team in place. Although this is not a
JoyShop Ministries project, we are excited to stand behind them and offer support and
encouragement in any way we can! You can view the EPK (electronic press kit) at For more information on how you can be involved
financially please contact Kelle Ortiz at

To join the prayer team, please contact Carolyn Kimmel at

twenty one years EPK from twenty one years on Vimeo.