21 Day Challenge


The 21 Day Challenge is a great start on your road to SEEKING GOD FIRST.

Begin today, by opening your Bible to the Gospel of John in the New Testament. In order to better reflect upon your time with God, you’ll also want a journal and a pen. There is no one method to drawing near to the Lord, but the steps below will help you begin an intimate journey with God.

We’d love to know how the 21 Day Challenge has affected your life. Please feel free to share your comments below at the end of your 21 days.


#1. Request

Take a moment to pray asking God to teach you what He wants you to know about Him. There is power in asking for this specifically. Everyday ask Him to reveal Himself to you with the help of His Spirit.

#2. Read

Take your time. Read just one chapter of John a day. Make note of words such as believe, life, truth, eternal life, miraculous signs, love etc. Highlight any verses that speak to you as you are reading.

#3. Reflect

Write down the answer to one or more of the following questions:
1. What verse or verses spoke to my heart and why?
2. What does God want me to know about Him today?
3. What does God want me to do?
4. Is there a verse that totally WOWS me?

#4. Respond

Write a response back to God in your journal and summarize key thoughts.